Soon will update many Cosplay-related articles here!

Hi there, long time no see……
I was in totally mess in these days…..

But still I was truly active on cosplay.
Little by little, I will be here to update many things especially for cosplay and otaku stuffs!!
Btw recently I am crazy for Haikyuu because of my dear friend from Israel XDD

I will bring there everything about Japan, from the view of deep and one of longest-history otaku of me!
– Otaku Place/Goods/Conventions in Japan
– Traditional Recommendable Deep stuffs in Japan
– Also without above, most frequently asked stuffs from other country’s otaku friends

I showed around soooo many foreign friends in Japan so far, so I really love to leave these articles!
Also in future, I wanna bring another Blog which is only for these otaku stuffs, and also soon will bring English videos to quickly introduce them.

So please ask me anytime for everything, I’d love to answer all of them!!

Hikari Green as the Guy’s cosplay

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