Volunteer: Alaska -Anchorage ~ Seward- (2005)

Most memorable state in America, Alaska.
I’ve longed to go there since I was 16 years old. I got airplane when I was that age, there was sick person unfortunately and his situation was really bad, so need to land nearby airport as soon as possible…..and finally we got to Alaska airport as emergency landing.
And we saw amazing surize there……it’s quite beautiful and we’re all excited to see that inside of the airplane!
And when I was 21 years old, finally I can go there by myself.

I went to Seward by train…..but it was really slow and took 3hour to go there.
But in Alaska, travel cost was really expensive….!!!!
I think it’ll be really hard to travel not as a tour without rent-a-car.

Fjord National Park, I’ve longed to see that scenery……
A big rumbling was made there all times, because of breaking this iceburgs…..I feel really admirable this great nature!!

At last “Happy Independence day in Anchorage!”
Alaska is called “The last frontier”. Really great state, I think!


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