Travel: America -Road Island- (2006)

This Road Island state was a little minor state, but there are so many rich people living.
I went there to see my friend who was in Brown University.
But when I was on the way to the NY(Cos RI state is nearby NY!) from California, my flight was cancelled by accident badly….. so I was afraid to be late arriving to Road Island bus station……!!
But I asked toooo much on the flight counter to change my airplane ticket to go to NY on time, at first staffs said “No”, but at last, they changed my ticket to much earlier ticket ant I got to Road Island bus station 3hours earlier….OMG!

And I saw my friend, we talked a lot, and my friend asked me to say complain about noisy guiter sound to the boy staying in downstairs of my friend (Cos my friend said it’s much better to say with me by two than alone….!!)
She is really mature girl and now she works as diplomat in France. Look forward to seeing her again when she comes to Japan….!! XDDD

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