About my Cosplay Life with Greater Appreciation

Let me introduce myself and let you know a part of my life on my blog. my profile, what I was doing so far and what I am doing now is on “About Me”. And I am active on Instagram and also on Facebook Page, mainly! This is about my Cosplay Life with over 15+…

Media: Nikkei Quick with my article as Investment Banker/Cosplayer

My article about financial/cosplay career was on one of the most popular traditional Japanese/Financial News source, Nikkei Quick! (Japanese Article) Surprisingly my own article was on Nikkei quick which is one of the most popular traditional Japanese financial newswire. I was there since I am cosplayer but on the other hand financial professional in one…

Enjoyed to be Cosplay Guest on A-kon in US 2022!

How happy and the honor to be the Cosplay Guest on A-kon 2022! I was as the cosplay guest on A-kon 2022, which is the biggest convention in Texas, US. I was very happy to meet many nice friends and also I already miss them after leaving for Tokyo, Japan!

Interviews on Marui/OIOI 2021 Annual Report

I am glad to work with OIOI group/Marui group corporation, one of the largest department stores, which often has anime collaboration. I am on their company Annual 2021 IR report with panel discussion interview dialogue as the financial cosplayer!

Special Message for Russian Online Convention

I was planning to attend a cosplay event in Russia as a guest, but I couldn’t. Instead, I have sent a special message to Russia in Russian and English, and I have been able to see dear friends in Russia on the online convention!