Backpacker: Ukrine (2007)

Ukrine, I went there from Russia, and was in Kiev and Lvov.From Moscow, I went there by night train, but the Russian police feel suspect to me cos I was alone and Asian girl(Maybe they suppose I am a spy…omg) so I was taken a time to hav an examination by the police -_-;
On the train, I was with two Russian girl and one Ukrinan girl on the compartment, and they cannot speak English.
But I use my poor Russian and said “I am tourist and my Russian is poor, but I came here alone”, they all finally said “Great!!” and had vodka togather to make a friendship. But they were tooooooo strong and I couldn’t keep up with them….I am also strong among the Japanese though…….
The polices came again to check our passport when the train crossed the border, and they felt suspect to me again and try to ask a lot to me, but other girls who had an alchol togather helped me a lot then….thanx indeed ;A;

It was too much crowded on the subway of Kiev. And the hotels in the square, I asked “You hav a vacant room?” in Russian, they said “No” almost all….but these hotels looked not full then, so I don’t know why;;
And on the evening when I went to big shopping mall by the central subway station, suddenly a boy talked to me in Japanese and chased me for a moment….his behaviour was strange and it was too scary for me.
Furthermore, I broke my stomach by dinner, I bought that on the fastfood shop and the saleswoman was so unsociable unfortunately >_< anyway I left Kiev having madicine for stomachache went to Lvov by train.

Lvov was a kind of countryside of Ukrine.
The fee for the train was really cheap, one way cost 5 yen….it was cheapest for me ever.
And I saw also beautiful theater, and also went to the medicare museam (I heard it is popular among here) and bought a drink it is a kind of panacea ^^
And also I went to the hill to see panorama of the Lvov city.

Also dishes are awesome in Ukrine. And traditional clothes are really cute.
Actually also I wanna go to Chernobyl, but there are notice that “We cannot take some responsible even if you got something bad for your health by going there, Chernobyl”, though.

And I went to Hungary, by night train from Lvov!

Mar, 2007

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