Travel: Canada -Tronto to Niagara falls- (2005)

I went to Niagara falls via US from Tronto by bus!
I went there before going to NY and California to see my friends.
Bought cheapest airplane ticket, so my flight schedule was really fuzzy…..I need to pass 2 airport only for transit! So by going to so many airport, unfortunately my baggage is gone to Chicago and I couldn’t find….I was at loss in Tronto Airport at midnight….
“I cannot find my lagguage” told that to the staff in the airport at midnight in Tronto Airport, he took me to the counter of Delta Airport. And another woman of the Delta staff told me “I am sorry!! Your baggage is gone to Chicago, unfortunately!!Maybe you can get tommorow!!” and gave me the poach packed tooth brush and other goods maybe in need soon.

In Tronto, there held a festival, I didn’t what it is, but I was in that and took many photos!Niagara Falls was really great, but it was completely missmatch with the casino beside Falls.
Furthermore, maybe it was in winter, casino was almost closed and that town was really quiet.
Right photo is Niagara on the Lake city, it is beautiful city nearby Niagara!

Actually I wanted to go to Detroit passing the border, if I had had plenty of time….!!
Maybe I can see vibrant Detroit…..completely different from now because of bankrupcy of GM….
Anyway, I wanna see Iguasu Falls in Brazil at the next time, indeed!

Nov, 2005

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