Backpacker: Qatar (2008)

Doha, in Qatar. I went there as transit. The transit is only for 3 hours, so I can be only in Airport, but I went out just because of my interest....but now I think it was not good...

Volunteer: Alaska – Fairbanks ~ Talkeetna – (2005)

Alaska! I went there to do a supporter of the American biggest wheelchair race for handicapped person(Named Salider's Great Challenge), as a volunteer. My work is to help one racer during the race, everyday! In this race, I supported...

Volunteer: Alaska -Anchorage ~ Seward- (2005)

Most memorable state in America, Alaska. I've longed to go there since I was 16 years old. I got airplane when I was that age, there was sick person unfortunately and his situation was really bad, so need...
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