Cosplay/Volunteer: United States

I have traveled to the United States many times, but I remember Alaska and NY, in particular.

I have written about the memories of these two places in other blogs, so please read them.

I went to cosplay events in Florida and Baltimore (Washington DC).

By the way, at a cosplay event in Florida, I participated in the cosplay contest on a whim, and I remember performing alone in front of a crowd of nearly 300 people and was able to get second place.

I also hope that I will be able to write a blog about this memory someday.

Apart from that, Boston and Rhode Island, are places that I have strong memories about visiting.

In Boston I went to reunite with a cosplay friend that I performed together with in Baltimore.

Her name was Seth, and when I met her in 2011, she was still a medical student.

Then when I reunited with her in 2017, she was at a Boston hospital as a doctor for emergency surgery in the ER ward.

When we reunited in 2017 in Boston, I remember eating so many oysters we could die, while talking about our lives, which was a lot of fun.

Also, Brown University is in Rhode Island and my friend from Cambridge University was studying at Brown University, so I visited her at her dormitory.

At that time, my friend was bothered by the noise of the students on the floor above, and I remember that we went to there to complain, because now she was not alone.

By the way, at that time the floor above sounded like it had a bass with an amp, and they seemed to be having a drug party….

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