Backpacker: Lebanon (2008)

Lebanon is famous for its cryptomeria. So also in national flag, there are cryptomeria.

There’re only sharing taxi to go to Lebanon from Sirya, that is one driver with 3 passengers, and we share the seat. And then I was with the driver who looks really sturdy and also other passengers, old muslim woman and also lady who was there to go to Disco in Lebanon^^
The lady (her name is Lili) speaks really great English, and she is Afghan. Others cannot speak English, but they were also kind to me.

And Lili asked me whether I book hotel for the night, cos on that day really famous DJ came in Lebanon and all hotels would be crowded by the people who came to see the DJ……Actually I haven’t booked >_< So finally Lili kindly negotiated with the driver and decided to my staying the driver’s house, not the hotel…..
Lili asked me to go to the Disco with her, so I promised with her to see again at night to go to Disco with, and after saying goodbye with Lili, I went to the driver’s house. His house is like middle-high Lebanese household^^

Soon after getting to the house, I went out to see the city center in Beirut with the Driver’s younger brother(Tim) and his daughter, who is still 10 years old.
Almost buildings are really new and clean, “Just because of the war that’s not so long ago, by that war, every buildings are broken away.” Tim told me with his face smiled….
And I went to also the taekwondo school with Tim’s son, just to see.
That school was settled among the many broken buildings….the children were rushed to me once they regarded me, cos I am Asian and they really luv Jacky-chen! *O* So they came to me and said “Jackey-chen!!!” many times.

And the driver’s house is one room of the flat (Above photo), and there are many gunhalls outside……also I saw another building who was broken half by missile(And missile was left then!)
The children played the video games, but it looks more primitive than Japanese or US one. Like 1980’s game in Japan.
And actually we hav a trouble on the fee for the staying one night; They asked me to pay 100 dollors!! *O* But I say “That’s too expensive!!” strongly, they didn’t say much more then…’s not same with when I was Bosnia…..the same situation is happend, but the landowner woman try to a kind of “rob” my money then……
At last, I paid 20 dollors (It’s avarage price for one night in Beirut) and gave my address to say thank you and keep in touch if they hope, but they don’t feel good at the money I paid for one night….but I cannot pay 100 dollors, so I think it can’t be helped;;

And from Lebanon to Sirya, I took sharing taxi again, this time with me and the couple and the driver.
On the way the taxi was broken twice and we have to change our taxi twice. And on that way, I had a trouble again….omg. Cos the couple try to get much more money from me than what should I pay then……and the man of the couple forced me to pay and I rejected, the woman of the couple try to rob my bag saying “I saw you hav enough money on you bag!! Let me see!!!!!”…….awawawawaw

I’ve ever heard if you hav some trouble on your travel, you should pretend to be “crazy guy” from a certain famous Japanese Jazz Singer, so I did as well then…I screamed and cryed and got angry and……did hard to be looked “crazy girl” and I make noise by Japanese to suffer them……at first, the man of the couple try to threaten to me by saying “Hey girl, damn, shut up!!!!!!”, but I wouldn’t. So at last he was exhausted and gave up to do anymore, and finally got off the taxi quickly.
The drive was threaten indeed by my crazy behaviour, so he drove the taxi too much high speed….over 200 km then!! That was from Lebanon to the airport in Sirya.
On the airport, I was still angry by that deceive during the taxi, so I try to say “I was deceived on the taxi!!” to somebody, finally many Siryan gathering and got mess…..awwwwww……so after my checking in, one old Siryan woman talked to me what happened on the way by the taxi….omg excuse me for talking too much worry then >_<;

Actually I wanna go to Tripoli also, if I hav enough time….ordinally Lebanon is not so safety though.
Really exciting Middle Eastern Journey it was!!!!

Aug, 2008

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