Let’s go Japanese Cosplay Convention in Osaka☆Nihonbashi StreetFesta☆ストフェス

Let’s go to Japanese Convention! This time I would love to show you recommendable convention in Osaka, named Nihonbashi Street Festa, as Japanese +15years experience Cosplayer with detailed info/local rule. To bring further videos, happy if you add my Channel to your list(*^_^*)いつもありがとうございます。 I would love to show you other best Japanese convention (Tokyo, Osaka and other places), and also Cosplay Studios on the future videos(*^_^*) (Note: This year’s Nihonbashi Street Festa was canceled because of coronavirus since bigger earthquake in 2011)

日本人のヒカリです☆Japanese Cosplayer in Tokyo. Cosplaying for +15yrs and Otaku/Yaoi Lover too. Have been to over 50 countries and can speak Russian/Indonesian a little (learned by Homestay) too. Also as Economist on Financial company for 10yeas(*^_^*)Feel free to talk to me and would love meet more new people!!(*^O^*)