My Article was on “Jakarta Shinbun” the Newspaper in Indonesia!

I was on the oldest Japanese newspaper in Indonesia, “Jakaru-shinbun”, about my comments on Ennichisai (one of the biggest con in Jakarta) in Indonesia and also about an episode of Indonesian cosplayer Rupyon and I, who met in Jakarta over 10 years. (* ^ _ ^ *)

Thank you for the wonderful article.
10 years have passed since I met Rupyon. Rupyon who lived in Bandung at that time got married, moved to Batam Island, and has a daughter (* ^ _ ^ *).
Even after 10 years, he and Rupyon are still friends ☆
(The article was written in Japanese, so hope you translate that by Google translate or other translation, if you cannot read Japanese, thank you!!)

「特別な」ファンとの交流 コスプレーヤー・Hikariさん 縁日祭で審査員