Next Con: Harucon2020 in Israel

Hi and I gladly let you dear all friends know that I will be at Harucon הארוקון – 2020 – also this year too as well as 2019 as the guest held in Jerusalem, Israel on 10th March 2020!(*^_^*)
Very look forward to getting to know amazing friends there on meet&greet time on the booth and also cannot wait to see all dear friends I met as well as last year!! Again, thank you very much for all dear Israeli friends(>_<*)!
This year I will be much more active than in 2019, so also very look forward to announce further conventions that I will go soon in future!!

日本人のヒカリです☆Japanese Cosplayer in Tokyo. Cosplaying for +15yrs and Otaku/Yaoi Lover too. Have been to over 50 countries and can speak Russian/Indonesian a little (learned by Homestay) too. Also as Economist(*^_^*)Feel free to talk to me!!(*^O^*)