Backpacker: Qatar (2008)

Doha, in Qatar. I went there as transit.
The transit is only for 3 hours, so I can be only in Airport, but I went out just because of my interest….but now I think it was not good for me though…
Cos it was tooo hot then (42℃, outside) and hot wind was blewing strongly….

I got a taxi to go to city center, and asked driver to go to “City Center”, he took me to Carrefour on the suburb…..cos the area around Carrrfour is called City Center….omg.
And furthermore, Carrefour is under costruction and there’re nothing and it’s too hot still, beside the construction workers loughed at me loudly when I was at a loss then……really exhausted.

In Qatar, there’re many big and high buildings, but most of them are under construction, so there are not so many things to see then.
And also the road is sooo wide and long, so if you try to go for a walk, will be dying by high temperature…..

Aug, 2008