Study: England/UK (2005)

I stayed in Cambridge for a while then.
Then I was the exchange student of Cambridge university (Downing College), from Japanese Keio University (Economics).

So I hav so many memories and also photos…….!!!! XDDDD
After that, I went to Ireland for another study, so I can understand this coutry in many aspects!!
I wrote about England not at a time, at first here, from around London.

Left is Opening-up of the London Bridge, and the center is Changing the Guard at Buckingham Palace and right is the photo of Picadery-Circus.
I took sooooo many photos in the weekend, I luv take photos of landscape XDD
So happy to see many great landscapes there!

Richmond nearby London.
I went there same day with Winbuldon, had a happy time sitting surrounded by the soo much green in the forest……I really luv such a landscape XXDDDD

Panting is so popular for tourism there.
Also there is big lawn park and great afternoon-tea garden, and they’re sooo interesting!
But, it rains often and so cold at night. And English people never use umbrella…!!!
Furthermore, we saw many fighting English men by too much drinking in the pub….XDD

I went there by bus (so cheap!) for hours. I got carsick cos bus turned so many times by rotary…..

This is yorkshire pudding, in the right photo.
York is soooo beautiful!!! And I went Cardiff(Wales), also other towns…..but I cannot remember them allXDD

Really interesting country!!

Aug, 2005

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