What Japanese Convention is Like with Difference? In English 日本のコスプレイベント!By Japanese Cosplayerヒカリ☆

Hi there, こんにちは☆
This time I would love to introduce “What Japanese Cosplay Convention is Like?”.
I had tons of questions regarding that from dear foreign otaku friends.
What is the difference between Japanece Cosplay Conventions and other European/US conventions, and also what is the local rules in Japan?
So on this video I am talking about that in English, hope it helps to understand Japan and Japanese Otaku, Cosplay!!(*^_^*)

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コスプレイヤーのひかりです、I am Japanese cosplayer with 15+years experience and also 20+years Fujoshi/Otaku, who have been to over 40 countries! And also Economist.
I launched this channel since I showed around so many foreign friends from all over the world in Japan and I have got tons of questions from my dear foreign friends so far….so really hope it helps.
I will introduce Otaku/Yaoi lover related Nihongo Words, recommendable Anime/Manga shops in Japan, good Cosplay related shops (for costume, wigs), and also Local place to eat or play for Japanese Otaku, and Makeup, many local Conventions, Customes…..and everything!
Anytime welcome to have any questions or request to share more broader topics!!宜しく!